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In general we are healthier, better fed, and live in better conditions with cleaner air and healthier lifestyles than previous generations so it is hardly surprising that a whole new industry of life insurance policies for over 50s, over 60s, over 70s and even over 80s has sprung up with surprisingly low costs. In most cases you will need to talk to representatives of the company who will be interested in hearing about your medical background and lifestyle (smoking is definitely frowned upon) but there are a lot of policies you can buy without giving medical details and you can often arrange these via a simple online form. The snag is that the payouts are usually lower than a standard policy and they will often have a zero payout for the first couple of years or so which means that if you are reasonably fit you may well be much better off taking out a standard policy and giving up a bit of your time to answer the insurance company's questions in exchange for, usually, far more cover.

Seopa Ltd (Quotezone) have a panel of specialist health insurers and you can get quotations for all different options, and if you wish you can discuss your own unique circumstances with qualified advisors, all of whom are regulated and approved by the FSA (Financial Services Authority).

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