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Life insurance premiums - buying the right policy

Buying life insurance is not like insuring a car. Life insurance is complex. How much do you insure your life for? What type of policy do you need? How will your taxation be affected? How much money will your family need? Can you afford the premiums, long term? Should you buy a single premium policy, using a lump sum from your savings? What about critical illnesses? Multiply these questions many times over and it becomes clear that for most of us some professional advice would be helpful.

However: none of us want a slick insurance salesman sitting with us until midnight pressurising us into buying the policy that makes the most commission, regardless of our needs! Yes, this certainly did happen in the past but the life insurance industry is now tightly regulated. Insurance advisors have to be authorised by the Financial Services Authority, and are required to put your interests first, and be open about their own financial rewards.

However, it is still good to compare quotations and get advice from several different insurers and this is where a life insurance comparison service can help. Quotezone Ltd, who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority have a panel of life insurance specialists (again, all FSA approved) who will recommend policies to suit your own unique requirements and give you quotations for the premiums. You can then sit back at leisure and decide for yourself which policy; if any; to buy.

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